Marina MASHA Boytsova Martinsson

Free-lance artist, illustrator, designer, style creator, photographer…

You can visit us in atelier in Hunnebostrand.

Professional artist, designer. Moscow University’s Fine Art Faculty with Honours Diploma. Moscow University’s assistant professor of academic drawing. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Successful career of freelancer from 1974 in a lot of different fields, like illustrator, designer, art director… for 79 firms. There are trade marks’ designs for 36 firms, packaging design for 233 perfume products, design and 329 illustrations for 12 books, for 11 journals… Skilled in a number of art diciplines.

My Art Life was restarted in the year 2005 in beautiful Western Sweden, the motherland of my husband.

42 exhibitions, my artworks are in private collections in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala,   ArtClub of VolvoFinansGroup, Preemraff, Ale Kommunala Konstförening… in Finland, Norway…


2015 Galleri Ranrike Tanum CityHall, 20 years KVIRR 6 june – 28 august

2015 Solhem KVIRR 

2015 Hunnebostrand solo Mashas Atelje

INTERROS Competition for corporative mark. Winner
INKOMBANK Competition for corporative mark. Nomination

Marina Boytsova Martinsson Hunnebostrand